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  The HPGC group currently includes one professor, 9 PhD students, and 4 Master students.


Introduction to the Tsinghua HPGC Group

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The research group of HPGC tackles a diversified set of computational problems (ranging from atmospheric modeling, seismic modeling/inversion, electromagnetic modeling/inversion, wastewater system layout modeling, remote sensing data processing, etc.), with a combined approach that considers the application at the top level, the algorithm in the middle level, and the architecture at the bottom level. We are especially interested in developing highly-efficient solutions for both numerical simulation applications and large-scale data processing applications, based on heterogeneous platforms that include many-core or reconfigurable accelerators. We are currently collaborating with the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in High Performance Embedded and Distributed Systems ( at Imperial College London.

Group News

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Exploration Geophysics

Climate and Environmental Modeling

Machine Learning


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