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On 15th, Oct, Pierre, the vice president in drilling technology of Schlumberger, and the administrators of Schlumberger Beijing office, paid a visit to HPGC group

Professor Qiang Zhang, the deputy director of CESS, and Dr. Haohuan Fu, director of HPGC met Pierre in CESS, and then they held a meeting about possible cooperation. Students from HPGC group also attended the meeting.

In the meeting, Professor Zhang first expressed a warm welcome to Pierre and other staff of Schlumberger on behalf of the center and himself. Then he briefly introduced the development, the recent achievements of CESS and its future plan to Pierre. Professor Qiang also expressed his regards to Schlumberger on providing the Schlumberger Scholarship to the students of CESS. Then Dr. Haohuan Fu detailed the fast development and the latest research projects of HPGC group.

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Two students from the HPGC group, who are among the five winners of Schlumberger Scholarship, made two speeches on their recent studies about accelerating geoscience applications through the high performance computing platforms.

The two sides also summarized the previous coperations, and discussed about future cooperation. Both Pierre and other administrators from Schlumberger agreed that a more firm connection between the two sides should be necessary and important to benefit both.