Schlumberger Geoscience Computing Scholarship Award Ceremony was successfully held at MengMin Wei South Building, Tsinghua, today. The scholarship, sponsored by Schlumberger, aims at promoting the development of geoscience computing, reinforcing the collaboration between Schlumberger and Tsinghua Earth Center, and rewarding the students who had made significant contributions to research in the geophysical computing field. Mengyao Jin, Conghui He, Lin gan, Yushu Chen and Tao Zhang were awarded with the scholarship.

Haiping Wu, the vice director of Tsinghua earth center, made the opening speech. Then the five students came to the stage and accepted the award. Zhanjun Liu, the recruiting manager of Schlumberger Beijing Geoscience Center, gave a brief introduction about Schlumberger and shared working experience with the audience. At the end of the ceremony, both the representatives from Schlumberger and the professors from Tsinghua reached the agreement that the collaboration should be continued and deepened.