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On 15th January, 2015, five staff from Statoil Beijing Office visited Tsinghua and had a meeting with the members form HPGC group. Dr. Fu, Conghui He, Yushu Chen, and Lin Gan from the HPGC group attended the meeting and gave three talks about recent work on geo-science application.

The three talks are “Beam Migration Project Final Report ” by Conghui, “Ensemble Full Wave Inversion with Source Encoding” by Yushu, and “Scaling the RTM Performance through Reconfigurable FPGAs” by Lin, respectively. Bean Migration, FWI, and RTM are the key study focuses in the area of geoscience exploration. The three students introduced the key achievements they have achieved through using the HPC platforms equipped in the HPGC group, including multi-core CPUs, GPUs and FPGAs. Discussions were held and constructive suggestions were given by Statoil.

As one of the sponsors of HPGC group, Statoil is a leading company in the world in the area of oil exploration and migration research. Besides the three talks and related discussions, the two sides also talked about details for future cooperation.