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On March 24th, professor Wayne Luk from the Department of Computing, Imperial College visited our group and gave a talk titled Assertions for Hardware.

During his talk, he introduced their recent research on supporting assertions that can be compiled into hardware for monitoring various run-time properties. He explained the methods they have developed for monitoring functional, timing and statistical properties. Such techniques can be essential to further guarantee the safety of hardware system, and can be utilized to a lot of devices such as airplane to safeguard lives. Related work has just won the best paper award in the 24th International Conference on Field Programmable Logic and Applications (FPL 2014). Some faculties and students from other departments also attended the talk in the morning.

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After the talk, Professor Luk also spent the whole afternoon talking with professor Yang and Dr Fu on possible cooperations as well as holding discussions with us. He gave us many valuable instructions on our recent research.

Professor Wayne Luk is a leading professor in the area of reconfigurable computing, and the fellow of Royal Academy of Engineering. There are many scholar collaborations between the two groups, including student exchange programs.