Professor Fu Haohuan attended a communication activity with IBM CEO

On October 13th, Professor Fu Haohuan attended the activity hosted by president of Tsinghua University Qiu Yong at Tsinghua Garden, in which they met Ms Ginni Rometty and her group. Ginni Rometty is the committee member of consultative committee of Tsinghua SEM (School of Economics and Management) and IBM chairman, president and CEO. IBM chairman of China, Chen Liming, the head of Tsinghua University international office, Li Jinliang and the president of Tsinghua SEM Qian Yinyi attended this meeting.

During the meeting, Qiu Yong welcomed Ms. Rometty on behalf of Tsinghua and introduced Tsinghua’s history, global strategy, talent cultivation, education innovation, school-company cooperation, etc. And he especially talked about the cooperation projects between Tsinghua and IBM, including the “Tsing-water project” and “Green horizon”, etc. Next, Professor Fu Haohuan introduced the cooperation work between Tsinghua University and IBM about the Open POWER, especially the efforts made on the acceleration technology based on re-constructible computer chip and GPU chip and the IBM POWER processor framework, which has been applied on the application of earth science, and he communicated with Ms. Rometty about these cooperation works and expressed thanks for two consecutive periods financial support from IBM on this cooperative project. Rometty asked in detail about the application of computer on the research field in CESS of atmosphere, land and river, etc. Also, she asked about the prediction results of the strong hurricane “Matthew” in America on October using high performance computing. Profesor Fu Haohuan also introduced the Earth System Model developed by CESS with the aim of better prediction. This model is a composite platform combined atmosphere, land, ocean, sea ice and climate change economics, which supplies the gap in large-scale earth system.

At last, Tsinghua University and IBM reached an agreement that they should further cooperate with each other in the field of environment, block chain, new energy, artificial intelligence and other aspects.