From July to September, Lin Gan, a PhD student of HPGC, visited Stanford University and did some study under supervision of Dr. Robert Clapp from the Stanford Exploration Project (SEP) group. This is a new exchange program started this year between HPGC and the SEP group.

During the three-month stay, Lin Gan focusd on the implementation and the acceleration of the Elastic RTM algorithm and managed to achieve a new 3D stagger-grid Elastic RTM code with impressive speedups based on the GPU platforms in SEP. Methods from both mathematical and algorithmic perspectives were implemented onto the complex RTM kernel to deal with the performance bottleneck.

The SEP in Stanford is a world-leading research group in geophysics explorations and is always in high demand for high performance computing power, which is the expertise of HPGC. Therefore, such summer exchange program will not only enhance the cooperation between the two groups, but also be helpful in putting the HPC techniques into real-world geophysics applications.