China's Sunway TaihuLight named world's fastest supercomputer

This week, China's Sunway TaihuLight has been declared the world's fastest supercomputer, according to the latest edition of the semiannual Top 500 Supercomputer list released on Monday morning at the ISC High Performance conference (ISC) being held in Frankfurt, Germany.

161217 ISCSunway1.jpg

Figure1: Awarding Ceremony From Left: Jinzhe Yang (Software engineer of WuXi National Supercomputing Center), Haohuan Fu (Vice Director of WuXi National Supercomputing Center) and Horst Simon (Vice director of the Lawrence Berkeley national laboratory)

With a Linpack mark of 93 petaflops, the system outperforms the former TOP500 champ, Tianhe-2, by a factor of three. The machine is powered by a new ShenWei processor and custom interconnect, both of which were developed locally, ending any remaining speculation that China would have to rely on Western technology to compete effectively in the upper echelons of supercomputing.

161217 ISCSunway2.jpg

TaihuLight is currently up and running at the National Supercomputing Center in the city of Wuxi. The system is being used for various research and engineering tasks, in areas such as climate, weather & earth systems modeling, life science research, advanced manufacturing, and data analytics.

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