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Recently, on the 25th International conference of Field-Programmable Logic and Application (FPL2015), the paper, Accelerating Solvers for Global Atmospheric Equations Through Mixed-Precision Data Flow Engine,published by vice professor Haohuan Fu’s research group was chosen as one of 27 Significant Papers.

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Vice professor Haohuan Fu and professor Wayne Luk are attending the awarding ceremony.

In conventional CPU platform, the structure of hardware is fixed. What users write and optimize is only software running on hardware. Compared to CPU, FPGA is a kind of real-time programmable hardware chip. Due to the hardware programmability of FPGA, users can directly design hardware circuits for scientific computational applications not just software, which makes meaningful cooperative design between hardware and software come to realize. This paper maps solvers of global atmospheric equations into a specific hardware circuit on FPGA chip. Performing system optimization methods on different aspects such as algorithm, parallel architecture, cache, data precisions and so on, it achieved an innovational progress on performance and power (A high-capacity FPGA chip can run about 100 times faster than a six-core CPU, about 4 times faster than two six-core CPUs and one NVIDIA Fermi GPU). These methods can be used not only in atmospheric simulations, but also scientific computations in other fields, which is a kind of common and fundamental method to increase computational performance and efficiency.

The first author of the paper is Lin Gan, a PhD candidate of vice professor Haohuan Fu while other co-authors include Wayne Luk from Imperial College, Chao Yang from Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice professor Wei Xue, professor Youhui Zhang, professor Guangwen Yang from Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University and vice professor Xiaomeng Huang from Center of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University. The main idea of this paper is to combine algorithm optimization with computer architecture optimization.

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Field-Programmable Logic and Application International Conference (FPL) is important in this field. The 1st FPL conference was held in Oxford University. The acceptance rate of FPL is about 20% every year. All the research production of FPL has given birth to many corporations in FPGA field including Celoxica, SiliconHive, Maxeler, Veridaee and so on. The review committee chose 27 of all 1765 papers published from 1991 as Significant Papers. This paper is the only one the first author of which comes from a Chinese research institute.