"Sunway TaihuLight" wins three successive championships

At 17:00 on June 19, a good news came back from Frankfurt, Germany that "Sunway TaihuLight", developed by National Technological Exploration Center of Parallel Computer Engineering and operated by our research group, was declared the world's fastest supercomputer again with a Linpack performance of 93 Pflop/s, marking the three successive championships of the Chinese-designed supercomputing system in the world. Our group leader, Prof. Haohuan Fu (Associate Professor of Tsinghua University, Vice Director of National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi) accepted the Top 500 Award on the awarding ceremony and made a distinguished talk then.

Sunway Taihu-Light is powered by SW26010 processor and custom interconnect, both of which were developed locally, ending any remaining speculation that China would have to rely on Western technology to compete effectively in the upper echelons of supercomputing. During the past few years, many applications have been developed based on the Sunway supercomputer by members of our research group and three of them were selected as the Finalist of Gordon Bell Prize (the highest award in HPC fields) in past two years. On the distinguished talk, Prof. Fu reports the most recent progress on utilizing the computing resource of over 10 million cores for traditional scientific simulation applications (climate modeling, earthquake simulation, n-body, CFD, etc.), and big data analytic applications (remote sensing data processing, and Sunway-based deep learning framework), so as to provide a picture of the major challenges when mapping either new algorithms or existing softwares onto the Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, as well as the major advantages brought by this machine. Post-doctoral Lin Gan are also invited to present his related works based on Sunway TaihuLight on the ISC conference.